Day 89: Bloggin' the time away...

Charlotte’s was on the menu again for breakfast (I think that this will be a permanent thing) and after starting the morning off right with croissants, quiche, and coffees, we settled back in at the apartment to work for the rest of the day. 

Catching up with the daily journals was taking a lot longer than expected and what I thought would be completed no later than Sunday evening had extended into today’s work-day and would extend into Tuesday as well. Its not just the writing that takes a while, but the photo editing as well. I don’t limit myself to how many photos are taken of a particular scene or setting and at the end of the day the total number taken is quite a few - this does allow me to choose the best of the best though and makes it all worth it. 

While I worked on the blog, Lauren worked on her blog work for Expedia as well as completing her project of editing our vlog videos. Though it had been a while since we had filmed last (going back to when before Chiang Mai) she still hadn’t gotten around to editing the Kuala Lumpur footage! Again, it takes a while - especially with her being the perfectionist that she is!

It wasn’t a bad day to hang around inside as it was absolutely dumping rain outside. Thunder and lighting were going off too! When the storm finally let up, we headed out for dinner at a place called Bazar Kocha, which was located just on the other side of our street. A simple search for restaurants in the Google Maps app had pointed it out to us (not a review site like Yelp), and since it was extremely close we figured we would give it a try. 

The food was absolutely incredible. In our time in Warsaw so far we have been absolutely shocked by the fantastic food scene. The restaurants that we have been to are urban-chic in style with a cozy yet classy ambiance which makes the dining experience both fun and romantic. They also have made some of the best food that we have ever tasted. At Bazar Kocha I ordered a duck confit plate and Lauren a pork loin, and we were both blown away. Dessert was what truly made the evening however, and the piece of chocolate cake we were served tasted like it was from heaven. It was cake like in form, but it dissolved completely in your mouth like a chocolate mousse, resulting in an out-of-this-world good chocolate taste. Bazar Kocha will definitely be a place that we will be returning to for dinner over these three weeks.